• We accelerate technology-based solutions to the most pressing social and environmental challenges

  • Our Mission

    Fostering tech solutions addressing social & environmental issues in Austin's growing social innovation ecosystem

    Why we do what we do

    Over the past few years, Austin has become an increasingly robust tech hub, seeing the emergence of powerful tech startups and attracting more and more tech giants. In the meantime, according to Mission Capital, it has also become home to almost 6,000 nonprofits - the highest number of nonprofits per capita in the Southwest US, demonstrating the city's will to improve the local community.


    Our ambition is to bridge the gap between technology and social innovation. We are convinced that technology can more effectively address our community's biggest unmet social and environmental challenges. But we also know first-hand that such challenges cannot be solved by a sole person. Social entrepreneurs need the right support to fulfill their mission.

    What we do

    Tarmac TX equips social entrepreneurs with the necessary skill set and connections and helps them access funding to reach their intended impact. Going through Tarmac TX, social entrepreneurs refine their product, test their solution in the marketplace, cultivate relationships with the right partners, mentors, and investors to grow their venture and thus maximize their social and/or environmental impact.

  • Our Program

    Tarmac TX is a free 9-month acceleration program based in Austin, TX that fosters technology solutions addressing social and environmental issues. A partnership between San Francisco-based nonprofit organization CALSO and 3M, Tarmac TX enables talented entrepreneurs to grow and amplify their impact through:

    Classes & Workshops

    Tailored classes & workshops to acquire the skills you need


    One-on-one mentorship to get guidance and feedback

    Networking & Events

    Access to a local network & events to gain visibility

    Office Space

    Free co-working space for your founding team

    International Network

    Access to our global network of 16 partner accelerators in 14 countries

  • Who is Tarmac TX for?

    We support early-stage startups developing a technology product or service to tackle a social / environmental issue. This program is made for you if all three elements below apply to your startup.

    Early-stage startup

    Your team moved beyond the idea phase, engaged / is in the process of engaging with potential customers to build a Minimum Viable Product which, ideally, already has some traction to prove your business model's sustainability.

    Technology-based solution

    You are developing / using / offering a technology-based product or service: software, app, online platform, cloud-based solution, hardware, wearable, IoT solution etc.

    Social / Environmental Impact

    Your startup aims at creating a positive impact on society and/or the environment by serving / empowering an underserved area and/or population, conserving natural resources, improving healthcare or education etc.

  • Our 2017 edition

    Here is the impact of our second edition


    applications received


    social ventures supported


    lives impacted




    Hours of workshop


    startup satisfaction