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  • Our 2019 Cohort

    Tarmac TX is proudly supporting these 8 social impact early-stage startups in its new 2019 edition!


    Regenerating hope for a livable future

    Citadels is working to fix the climate crisis by creating beautiful communities that heal the earth and make people happy. Charming walkable villages are located inside regenerative agriculture farms that not only produce an abundance of food for residents, but also remove carbon from the atmosphere, and put it back into the soil where it belongs.

    Save the Food

    Save The Food Coalition partners with grocery stores and food distribution facilities in a "food recovery" capacity. Volunteers drive food donated by these businesses to needy communities. A reliable daily service picks up this food at no cost to the business, then delivers it quickly and safely to community centers, food pantries and soup kitchens.


    Polymart is a materials reclamation company that turns recycled plastics into valuable consumer goods. Currently focused on the eyewear industry, Polymart creates custom, affordably priced 3D-printed eyeglass frames made from recycled materials.


    Off-grid solutions

    Hilico has developed the world’s first portable, lightweight, and affordable rain-harvesting device designed to sustainably provide clean drinking water. Hilico aims to provide potable water and energy solutions in outlying communities, poor neighborhoods, disaster-hit areas and recreational camping sites.


    DIY made easy

    Focused on enabling a shared economy, Meazure is working to reduce consumption and spending on one-time purchases. The company’s goal is to gain increased utility from tools, enabling and empowering consumers to finish DIY projects from the comfort of their own home.


    ConSolé’s revolutionary dual geometry trough concentrator is an advanced design featuring 360-degree surround concentration. It will be more efficient and substantially less expensive to manufacture than existing concentrators. ConSolé concentrators will be able to produce solar-generated electricity and heat, both at the same time.


    Edge data center solutions

    Gunnisystems has developed a geothermal cooling system based on technology used at US Department of Energy High Performance Computer facilities. Modularized for use with shipping containers, these compact, small footprint, high-density facilities are rugged enough to be located almost anywhere.


    The Neurocollective makes AnthroSolum, a high performance, resilient, enhanced organic soil. This system can be built in neighborhoods, abandoned industrial settings and brownfields - even by people who will one day colonize the Moon or Mars.

  • Our 2018 Cohort

    Tarmac TX proudly supported these 9 social impact tech startups in its 2018 edition!


    Nutriconomy Systems is a business to business nutrient reuse platform (think Craigslist for organics) and helps nutrients achieve their highest and best use, capturing value for all stakeholders. First, Nutriconomy identifies the content of food waste, then assesses its nutrient value, and finally determines its best use — whether it’s food for people, feed for animals, biofuel, or fertilizer. Using nutrients at their highest value reduces the volume heading to the landfill and creates a revenue stream.

    Leaf and Flour

    Leaf and Flour solves food waste issues by creating a nutritious baking flour and produce from the grain and water left over from the distilling process. Currently, 64,500 gallons of grain and water are being land-filled per month in Austin. Leaf and Flour aims to reuse waste to create more sustainable food use for Texans.


    Gardenio is the path for the next generation of lifelong food growers. The Urban Gardener Starter box is delivered to your door giving you all the materials you need to start growing your own garden. Gardenio ships live plants (not seeds), and organic soil to provide the most authentic and convenient growing experience.


    Environmental Quality Operations, EQO, was founded to bring the modern molecular biology laboratory to the field of environmental management. With first-line services and automated sampling products, EQO aims to detect, monitor, and eradicate invasive species by utilizing over a decade’s experience in bioengineering, diagnostic development, and experimental therapeutic development.


    AnatoMotion is a dental motion analysis company with both hardware and software products in the development stage. Anatomotion's primary focus is in the monitoring of dental bite problems associated with issues such as sleep apnea, grinding teeth, and TMJ problems.


    CareStarter is a pediatric-focused tech company finding practical solutions to real life problems. CareStarter's solutions provide free information to families with kids, spanning both well-care and special care, and centered on empowerment and individual choice. CareStarter aims to help families create the healthy, happy lives through connection, resources, and support.


    Day Dreamer is a creative mobile networking application that allows local artists to connect and collaborate. Day Dreamer is a cross-medium platform and will be inclusive for artists across 9 different mediums. Day Dreamer's mission is to revolutionize the way creatives work together by promoting a collaborative relationship between two users as opposed to the traditional client and customer relationship.


    GuideChange is using personalized elder fraud prevention techniques and tips from experts to help financial caregivers protect seniors from financial risks. GuideChange provides personalized recommendations that address a person's specific susceptibility to financial exploitation. GuideChange's team has decades of experience in the legal and gerontology social work fields and is able to use technology to apply experience in a fashion that will help millions of at-risk individuals.


    InCommon is an app that makes it easy to find peer support fast for people who are early in addiction recovery and in mental distress. InCommon sells simplicity by offering a simple, personalized, and private community support solution in seconds (not hours) with one tap of a "Get Help" button.

  • Our 2017 Cohort

    Tarmac TX proudly supported these 9 social tech startups in its 2017 edition!


    By combining fishkeeping and hydroponic gardening thanks to aquaponics, Aquasprouts succeeds in reducing dramatically waste and maintenance of your aquarium and your plants! By circulating the water from your aquarium through the Garden’s bed, the AquaSprouts Garden recycles fish waste to provide vital nutrients for growing plants, leaving the water clean and clear without the need for additional filters or frequent water changes.

    See here our interview of Jack Ikard, founder of Aquasprouts!


    GrubTubs is a Table to Farm Food Waste Recycling Service. By using tech, they help restaurants recycle their leftovers. GrubTubs provides restaurants with Tubs for leftovers, which they collect and deliver to local grub farms. Once fully grown, Farmers harvest the grubs and feed them to chickens. Chickens love eating grubs, it's the staple food of their natural diet and a fantastic recipe for healthy eggs. GrubTubs makes it easy for restaurants to give back to those farmers who keep feed local and affordable.

    See here our interview of GrubTubs' team!


    ShowerStream invented a shower device that produces 20% water saving in hotels. The device focuses on eliminating the wasted shower water during the time that the water warms up. With a device as easy to plug in as a light bulb, ShowerStream keeps the water at the right temperature at all time. ShowerStream is the end of the era of waiting for your shower water to warm up!


    CoachTube provides access to online training from the world’s best coaches. CoachTube empowers coaches to create courses online to give every athlete in the world access to the instruction, knowledge, and the motivation they need to grow and progress as athletes and students. CoachTube already has over one million visitors a year. At TarmacTX, CoachTube will leverage these great achievements to promote Sport for All.


    JoeVolunteer is creating an app to connect any volunteer around the world with worthwhile organizations that need their help. JoeVolunteer aims to make it “crazy-easy” for anyone anywhere at any time to be a volunteer, even if it’s just for less than one hour. Wherever you are — and whether you have less than an hour or more than a week to help an organization in need — you just open your phone, and it will list the opportunities available to you to be someone’s hero.


    Care2Rock offers one-on-one online music lessons via live video with superior teachers who are changing the world. In addition to teaching paid lessons on the site, instructors volunteer to teach one child in foster care for free for a one year period. If a teacher is unable to volunteer, Care2Rock donates $2 per lesson to nonprofit organizations supporting children in foster care. Care2Rock seeks to achieve measurable social impact by utilizing income-producing online teachers as long-term volunteers for youth in foster care.

    Think and Zoom

    Think and Zoom is an innovative technology solution for the visually impaired, that is over 285 million people worldwide including 10+ million Americans. Think and Zoom uses the Google Glass technology to create a hands free visual magnification powered by the human mind. Wearing Google Glass and EEG headset, you can zoom in on objects and see better by simply thinking!


    Trashbots develops low-cost science and engineering kits with an artistic twist and a structured curriculum that enables young people to develop problem-solving skills and enhance their creativity. These STEM kits allow you to build robots that utilize found materials in the world around you. TrashBots is a solution that has mass appeal on a global basis and can meet the needs and budgets of underprovided kids in developing countries.

    See here our interview of Trashbots' founders!


    From chainsaws to container ships - YAN Engines is developing the D-Cycle piston, which can be retrofit or designed into existing internal combustion engines, resulting in a 20% increase in fuel economy without sacrificing performance. YAN Engines is working on prototypes for both gasoline engine and diesel engines, but its technology can be integrated into nearly any engine currently used.

  • Our 2016 Cohort

    We proudly supported these 7 Austin-based Tech for Good startups in 2016!


    SENSCO develops smart water network management solutions that help utilities pinpoint, estimate and predict the amount of water lost throughout their pipe infrastructure. SENSCO’s patent-pending technology and data analytics software reduces the mean-time-to-detection of leaks so that utilities can significantly reduce water loss and get ahead of costly and destructive water main breaks.


    Revealix is a health tech company developing real-time analytics software solutions to reveal adverse skin and surgical site complications before patient harm occurs. By Seeing the Unseen, Revealix’s skin surveillance solution introduces breakthrough capabilities dedicated to the health and wellbeing of at-risk populations, globally.

    The Helper Bees

    The Helper Bees connects seniors with in-home helpers through an online platform. By doing so, it dramatically decreases the cost to senior people, while enabling them to be active in selecting their own helper. Simultaneously, through training and increased wages, The Helper Bees is growing the earning potential for a large workforce of helpers.

    OneSeventeen Media, Inc.

    OneSeventeen Media, Inc., Texas’ first certified B Corp, created MyMobileMentor, an on-demand, 24-hour virtual mentor to help kids figure out life and the people around them. OneSeventeen Media’s range of easy-to-use mobile apps helps students make wiser decisions on the fly at school, at home or when on their own.

    half Helen

    The half Helen Foundation was created to improve children’s vision and hearing through innovative screening, research, and advocacy. Since its inception in 2013, hH has served over 19,000 children across Texas and Hawaii. In 2015, the CNN Heroes Program recognized hH’s Executive Director Chelsea Elliott for her pioneering work in new vision screening methods.


    Prepify believes that every student, regardless of household income, deserves to go to the best college possible. Prepify helps low-income high school students to be more competitive, and connects them directly with the college admissions offices who want to recruit them. Its free, comprehensive college counseling platform helps students at every stage of their high-school-to-college journey.


    The mission of ThinkVoting is to use the latest technology to enhance the way we all participate in a modern democracy. Its team of artists, designers, developers, technologists and data scientists makes it easier for everyone to participate in every part of the democratic process through mobile tools.